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I haven't used a mousepad since… my first laser optical mouse in… 1999? 2000?

14 Responses to "Mousepad"

  1. i use a mouse pad solely for the wrist guard. Having my wrist hanging over the edge of my desk can be painful.

  2. You mean optical mouse. In 1999-2000, mice used LEDs to illuminate the surface from the side and look at how the shadow pattern moves with time. Most current mice still do. It was actually developed as a correction system for hand scanners (anybody remembers the Logitech ScanMan?). If I'm not mistaken, laser mice work the same way but, depending on the surface, track speckles (the interference pattern generated by the reflection of coherent light on a rough surface) instead.

  3. [quote comment="46088"]i use a mouse pad solely for the wrist guard. Having my wrist hanging over the edge of my desk can be painful.[/quote]

    Same here. The Goldtouch is great.

  4. [quote comment="46089"]You mean optical mouse.[/quote]

    Yes, corrected, thanks.

  5. Yep. My mousepad has a gel-like wrist pad, and it does a nice job of preventing wrist strain.

  6. I use a mouse pad with my optical mouse at my desk at work because it is quieter, and gives a nice precise feel to the mouse movement. On the road I use the TrackPoint, or the tablet feature of my machine. At home I use the trackpad on my PowerBook and love it. I have never found a Windows laptop with a trackpad that felt right to me.

  7. I got my 15" diagonal mousepad from when they were using the slogan "Size Does Matter". It's a heck of a lot better than getting a Howie Mandel doll in the mail.

  8. I use a mouse pad at work for two reasons. The mouse tracks better (it skips when I use it on my desk w/o a pad) and it makes an annoying amount of noise when used directly on my desk.

  9. I have a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse. It works pretty well on surfaces other than mouse pads. I just use a spare note book or some newspaper. I only use it for playing games online and things of that nature. I just use the touch pad on my laptop or the stylus in tablet form when I'm not doing anything. So in a nut shell I use an improvised mouse pad, I voted no because it's not a real mouse pad.

  10. I do for the sake of protecting my wood desk - I've seen desk surfaces ruined by too much mousing in the same place.

  11. Now that I think about it, when I used a Mighty Mouse, I noticed lots and lots of white plastic bits shave off from the bottom of the mouse onto my desk.

  12. I use a (green) mousepad to protect my desk and give my mouse motions a smooth feel. That coupled with my 5-button Intellimouse and USB Overdrive makes things pretty much perfect.

    We used to have an old (ADB... this was a beige G3) laser mouse that required a special reflective pad to operate. The pad tended to slip on the desk, so we had to put tape on the underside, and the mouse was sensitive to the orientation of the pad. However, it lasted quite a long time.

  13. 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈
    Yes I am so twisted. I use a smithsonian magazine for my mousepad. Ironically, I have one of the best gaming mice out there, and it works fine with the mag (Razer Deathadder). 😀

  14. Heh, nice, Chibi.

    As an update... I'm currently using a blue Fellowes mousepad with gel wrist wrest. I started experiencing severe RSI strain, and had to make some adjustments to protect my wrist. The only problem with this new pad is that it's smaller than my old green one...