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Delicious Cut and Run

I agree with most of what Matt Ball has to say in this article. The people of whom he speaks seem to develop software because they feel they can make money from it, not because they personally need the software. Building software you yourself would and do use is one of the keys to long-term software success.

At Cynical Peak, we've built all of our software for our use. Not because we think it's going to make a quick buck, but because we'll always have at least two customers who will care about updates.

One Response to "Delicious Cut and Run"

  1. Speaking of companies that are in it to the long-term, I was just thinking the other day about what shareware item I've been using the longest. It was GraphicConverter. Amazingly, I've used that one piece of software through three different architectures (68k, PPC and Intel) and two major OSes (pre-Mac OS X and Mac OS X).