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2008 Birthday Wish List

Things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday this year include:

  • Think Tank AirPort International rolling case
  • Canon BG-E4 Vertical Grip/Battery Holder for Canon 5D ($220)
  • Another BP-511A Li-ION Battery (for same, $50!)
  • Really Right Stuff BGE4-L L-Plate (for same, $183)
  • Some lens bag for the 300/2.8 L IS (more research needed, ~$40)
  • World Peace
  • Anything else on my Wish List

Things from the above list I'll actually get: 0. 🙂

Update (2008-03-03): Added the Think Tank, though I might just pick one up for myself soon.

One Response to "2008 Birthday Wish List"

  1. As long as you get a rock you can have World Piece. (As long as it's not from a Hawaiian volcano--taking those is bad luck.)