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photophlow (and Photonic)

Today I spent a little time playing with a new site that integrates with flickr. It's called "photophlow, and the owner describes the site as:

photophlow is a way to share flickr photos in real-time with your friends, and is a good way to discover new photos in a social way or receive more immediate feedback on your own photos.

I like what photphlow has to offer. I like that it could be used for impromptu meetings. I like that it can be used to talk with fellows. I like that it integrates with chat, twitter, and other clients.

I have 11 invitations, currently, and if you're interested let me know. Also, I'm "iacas" on flickr if you'd like to add me as a contact.

Update: I forgot to mention this, but it is worth adding. I also purchased and am enjoying Photonic as well. It adds value to the flickr service from a different angle, and is a great way to browse photos of friends, upload photos, etc.

3 Responses to "photophlow (and Photonic)"

  1. I've been using photophlow a lot. It's my new favorite way to browse through images in flickr, especially the most interesting ones of the day. It's easy to favorite and comment on them, all while scanning through many images at a time.

    The people there are also handy for offering comments on your pictures and just general chit-chat as well.

    My only wish is that it was way more popular and had many different rooms for different groups and topics. The most I've seen in a room is around 12, and that was in the main "photophlow" room.

    Also, nice to see you posted your flickr username. 😛

  2. photoplow looks very cool. I would be interested in an invite if you still have any available.

  3. Photophlow is very cool. I've been using it for a while now and find it is a great way to get/give critique. Anyone feel free to join in my room: