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MacBook Pro Has Arrived

My new MacBook Pro arrived today. The FedEx guy first "attempted to deliver" it at 8:21am. By "attempted to deliver" I of course mean he walked up, didn't ring the doorbell, and stuck what was probably a pre-written "we attempted a delivery" note ((I was awake and reading downstairs, because I noticed that the package was "out for delivery" at 7:40am when I checked.)). I called FedEx and made the guy come back, which he did at about 12:38.

I haven't turned it on yet, but I did open the box and make sure I didn't get a brick or something. I'm impressed by Apple's recent packaging and the space and material saving they've done. The entire MacBook Pro case is less than four inches thick. The inner foam is attractive.

I took the MacBook Pro out of the case and was immediately confused. I almost thought I'd gotten a 17" model instead, that's how large it seemed to me. Of course, I've been using the 12" PowerBook for over five years at this point. I remain incredibly disappointed that Apple can't see fit to release a Pro model that's the same size as the 12" PowerBook ((And the 13" MacBooks are barely smaller than the 15" MacBook Pros, so they don't count either. Plus, they're more underpowered than a 12" MacBook Pro would be.)). What a great little machine that 12" PB was.

My Time Capsule will arrive by Wednesday and the airline adapter will arrive sometime by September, at this rate. I'll probably wait until Wednesday to set everything up. At this point, it's a race: will I use the MacBook Pro or the 300mm lens first? 🙂

4 Responses to "MacBook Pro Has Arrived"

  1. I ordered the new 17 inch, 2.6, 4GB, Hi Res (not Glossy!)...I may not see it for a week or two.... but I used to have a 17 G4, and I loved the huge screen.

    My 15 MacBook Pro Core Duo (1, not 2) was wicked fast compared to the G4 (or even the G5!).

    My new 17 will be wicked fast, mondo huge, and it will be the device I get 99% of my work done on, hence the nickname "The Wife".

    Now if my Time Machine migration is seamless, I will be a happy camper!

  2. Oh the lens, definitely the lens!

    I up'd from a 15" G4PB, then to the first iteration intel 15" MBP. This past December I up'd to a max'd out 17" MBP. It took considerable time to make the decision to move to the 17". But that's the route I ended up picking. (Primarily because the 17" had that max'd out screen).

    I couldn't be happier. At first the size increase was quite alarming. That took about a day or two to get over, because the screen is magnificent! The battery lasts longer (I think it's physically bigger on the 17"). I have f/w800 now too, so that helps w/ time machine backups and parallels images and big Aperture libraries.

    To be fair, I don't travel much. I take the laptop to/from work, about a 20 mile drive round-trip. I don't travel much but once or twice a year for business training/developer conferences. If I did travel a lot, I might reconsider the huge 17".

  3. What an awful conundrum to have... which new toy to use first... 🙂

  4. [quote comment="46387"]What an awful conundrum to have... which new toy to use first... :)[/quote]

    And I still haven't used either. 😛