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The Amazing Human Eye

You know, one of the most amazing things I've discovered about photography is just how amazing our eyes are. They auto-adjust for white balance, saturation, focus, and the amount of light available.

The last constantly amazes me any time I try to take a shot indoors. At f/2 to f/4, and ISO 1600, I'm often reduced to 1/40 to 1/80 second shutter speeds. Outdoors on a sunny day, at ISO 100, the "Sunny 16 Rule" tells you the shutter speed should be about 1/100 at f/16. That's nine stops faster or about 500 times the amount of light generated indoors.

Yet most people have no trouble seeing in either. The human eye is pretty incredible.

3 Responses to "The Amazing Human Eye"

  1. The eye is truly amazing, yeah. Then there's the fact that the eye spits out data at the rate of about 2400 baud (if memory serves), and it gets even more amazing.

    I think the whole human body is amazing. Procreation is, in my mind, nothing short of a miracle. The sexual response itself (male and female) is fascinating. The body also tolerates substantial abuse regarding what you put into your lungs (smoking) and liver (drinking), and it processes a wide variety of fuels (food) and works with just about whatever you give it. As with a vehicle, of course the body works better if you give it good fuel and maintain it properly with exercise.

  2. I became fascinated with the human body at a lower level, which led to my getting a degree in medicinal chemistry. The simple way proteins, drugs, hormones, etc. interact in such specific manners is endlessly fascinating to me.


    The one thing that amazes me, is that quite a few people who are fascinated by the human body still think we came from evolution, or the Big Bang Theory. Why is the monkey done with evolution. Have you seen one change lately? If you are a scientist reading this, forget your text books, forget your theories with all their holes that suggest the completed answers. Why are we as man, created by a superior being still considering evolution? If you are reading this, please know that time is getting closer every day. All the signs we ignore are proof the bible is real. One saying is that the devil will rock the world to sleep. He is doing a real good job. And I do agree that the body is truly amazing. There are 6.7 billion people on this earth. Every person has 3 billions strands of DNA, and fingerprints, and yet every single person has their own distinguishable set of both. God made every one of us uniquely different.