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Where are My .psd Previews?

Photoshop SuxI've remained mum about this for the longest time, but I just can't take it anymore. My copy of Photoshop CS3 ((CS2 did this too.)) seems incapable of writing files with a preview embedded in such a way that the Finder, Preview, Safari, etc. can see the darn files. Instead, I just get the message you see to the right (in English and three other languages).

Photoshop's help is not, and I've set the preferences the way that makes sense. So what am I doing wrong? Why won't the damn Finder show previews or, more likely, why won't Photoshop embed them?

Update: That trick always works. The instant you publish something to your blog, you remember you haven't checked Google yet and you find the answer. "Maximize Compatibility" must be turned ON. Derrr.