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What to Do with Five HD-DVDs?

I paid something like $70 for the HD-DVD player on my Xbox 360. I also got a free King Kong movie and five in the mail. Given the number of HD-DVDs I've rented from Netflix since owning the drive, it was a worthwhile investment. I'm not terribly peeved that Blu-Ray won and I'll probably pick up a PS3 (tax write-off!) sometime soon ((After they release the new models… 40 GB only? Not gonna cut it.)).

Thing is, I have these five free HD-DVDs ((Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Darkman, Firewall, Incredible Hulk, and The Italian Job and yes, duh, you picked them from a list.)) and I'm not sure what to do with them. Can I trade them in towards… something? Can I sell them on eBay (sure, for $1 apiece)? Can I give them away as gag gifts?

They're all unopened at this point. King Kong isn't, but it's #6. What should I do with them?

5 Responses to "What to Do with Five HD-DVDs?"

  1. If my memory serves me tonight, one of the benefits of HD DVD was that the disc actually contained HD and SD on the same disc.

    So, you can keep the discs and play them in SD mode in your non-HD DVD player.

  2. You could try 'returning' them to Best Buy... 🙄 😉 😕

  3. Discs are still selling for decent prices ($5 to $10) on (which uses the same seller account as eBay, if you already have one).

  4. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I doubt Best Buy will take them back - they're completely void of any stickers. But Wal-Mart may…

    It may not be worth selling if you can only get $5 for them. That's working for cheap. 🙂

    Maybe we should just watch them (on the HD-DVD player). They were free, as I said.

    Heck, at this point I could just toss them in the trash and I'd be okay with it.

  5. Keep them, watch them, then gag gift them. That's what I'm doing. The drive isn't broken and Netflix will keep sending me HDDVD until the end of the year (I think).