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Where are the Aperture Image Editing Plug-Ins?

It's been nearly 50 days since Aperture 2.0 was released, yet we've still not heard much at all about the "image editing" plug-in capability that the software supposedly supports.

Has Apple shared the API with anyone? Are they waiting, iPhone-style, for version 2.1 or something? Is there still a chance that an image editing plugin might be non-destructive (and not simply keep a separate copy of a file)?

Aperture 2.0.1 still has enough little bugs that waiting to solidify the API may be best in the end, but for those folks who, like myself, hate spitting images out just to edit them in Photoshop, the promise of image editing plug-ins is becoming a sort of drawn-out tease. It's foreplay without any real guarantee of a satisfactory conclusion.

One Response to "Where are the Aperture Image Editing Plug-Ins?"

  1. [...] 2.1 was released with a sample plugin. I guess that may partly answer this question. I haven't checked yet, but I believe the plugin architecture is still not [...]