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The Right Side of Your Mac Menu Bar

From right to left, I have Spotlight, FUS (short username), the date/time, .Mac Sync, Time Machine, AirPort, Spaces, FastScripts, TypeIt4Me, Rivet, and occasionally Twitterrific. So, that's about ten with possibilities for an eleventh. About a year ago, I think I had about six.


P.S. Democracy seems to be having problems with WordPress 2.5.

10 Responses to "The Right Side of Your Mac Menu Bar"

  1. Spotlight, clock, battery, input language, Airport, volume, Time Machine, iChat, bluetooth, FUS (icon).

  2. Spotlight, Clock, Battery, Volume, AirPort, Bluetooth, iChat, Alarm Clock 2, Twitteriffic, MoodBlast, Skitch

  3. Spotlight, FUS (just the icon),clock, battery, airport, bluetooth, volume, displays, scripts, sync, vpn, SoundSource, Time Machine, CheetahWatch (HSDPA modem control/status), smcFanControl, AirPort Disk Utility Thingy, Twitterific, hueyPRO Ambient, iScrobbler.

  4. Spotlight, FUS, Date/Time, Volume, Wifi, Bluetooth, .Mac Sync, VPN, Spaces, Timemachine, gReader Notifier, AudioScrobbler, Quicksilver.

    13. ...though i could probably get rid of the AS, Spaces, and even VPN at this point.

  5. I have everything as icon only:

    Spotlight, Date/Time, Bluetooth, Airport, Input Language, Battery, Volume, Display (hrmm... i wonder why I still have this?), VPN, Synergy, NetworkLocation, MissingSync (wtf is this still doing on my machine?), Twitterific.

    So that's 13, yet it looks cleaner than most simpler ones I've seen simply because they're all just icons.

  6., Google Reader, Gmail, Little Snitch, Quicksilver, iStat (network, CPU, memory, hard drive), Airport, battery, iStat calendar and Spotlight.

    Exactly 13.

  7. Besides the usual jazz (date, Spotlight, Airport, Time Machine)...

    I have (from Left to Right)
    IPulse (shows CPU load and Network In/Out)
    PGP (need it for work)
    Gmail Notifier
    Connect360 (but I never use it)

    Good post, since it made me think what I really needed there.. I ended up deleting a few extraneous items.

  8. 8: Spotlight, Date, Sound Volume, Keyboard, Bluetooth, .Mac Sync, Time Machine, FastScripts.

  9. 13.

    Spotlight, FUS (icon), clock (with seconds), keyboard, ichat, volume, bluetooth, keychain, spaces, sync, time machine, cpu, mouseposé

    I could get rid of bluetooth, sync, and CPU. Spaces also doesn't really need to be there, but it's useful sometimes when the keys for changing spaces stop working. (For some reason they randomly get disabled once every two weeks or so.)

  10. Adium, Synergy (although with the wonderful new MBP media keys I don't much use it anymore for anything beyond pumping out Growl notifications), Google Notifier, Monocle (if it's open), Time Machine, Bluetooth, AirPort, Volume, Battery and Clock.