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Bad Zoo Design

The Erie Zoo is small. That's nice simply because you can get closer to the animals (but not so great for the animals themselves). It has a clear path that you can follow (though you may need to visit a time or two first), and at virtually every point along the path there are animals to see.

The Cleveland Zoo, on the other hand, lacks this clear planning. Much of your time at the Cleveland Zoo is spent walking or riding from place to place. You'll double back past the same exhibits. Each enclosure is larger, but they're also spread out quite a bit more than necessary. Even the Primates, Cats, and Fish section at the Cleveland Zoo - an indoor building - lacks a clear path, and it's indoors.

The ideal zoo would be a mix of the two: large enclosures, more animals, and a clear walking path that takes you past everything there is to see.

One Response to "Bad Zoo Design"

  1. May I ad a, I think, unique bad zoo to the Erie Zoo?
    As you visit Bangkok you can find Pata "zoo", an exhibition of various kinds of animals: reptiles, birds, primates (one Gorilla already 23 years caged, tigers, bears etc. at the 6th and 7th floor
    (YES) of a shopping mall. Even penguins are present, well, only one as the rest died within a couple of months.
    Dark, small, even nu escape/rescue-possibility in case of a fire.

    Don't visit this "zoo" and protest. Photos and more info can be found in my public Flickr album: