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Need Tagline for Rivet

We need a tagline for Rivet. If you would like a free copy, suggest the winning tagline or slogan.

Rivet is of course a soon-to-be-released application that streams media (photos, videos, and movies) from your Mac to your Xbox 360.

6 Responses to "Need Tagline for Rivet"

  1. I should have gotten in on the beta. No frame of reference for a good tagline...

    -Rivet: What Connect360 should have been.
    -Rivet: Connect360 v2.0
    -Rivet: Show your media where it belongs.
    -Rivet: Welcome to the Big Show. (problematic, isn't Big Show some sport conglomerate's trademark? wrestling? baseball?)
    -Rivet: Slap it on the big screen!
    -Rivet: Your media where you want it.
    -Rivet: Play it where you want to.
    -Rivet: Taking your media to bigger screens.
    -Rivet: Streaming your stuff to better places.

  2. - AppleTV? ...never heard of it.
    - Making your Xbox360 more useful every day.
    - Teach your Xbox 360 to play nice with your Mac
    - Teach your Mac to play nice with your Xbox360
    - Give your Mac and Xbox360 a playdate.
    - Xbox360 and Mac, BFF.


  3. "While the others are just spin; Rivet's a revolution."
    and for the punchier tag that has to be repeated over and over in most ad campaigns it shortens to just:
    "Rivet's A Revolution"

    Don't want to try to over-explain it. Just three points:
    1. It avoids the 10,000 puns on Apples, McDonald's, and Scotland which grew tired in 1986.
    2. It tries to invoke your competition (Connect360) without naming them directly; even a pejorative comment is free advertising for them).
    3. While a description about streaming media may ring in a geek's ear; it probably invokes images of the Bass Fishing tv channel to non-geeks.

    Oh heck, just take it to the other extreme with this alternative slogan:
    "Rivet: Streaming Media without the Bait & Switch"

  4. Rivet: Attach your media

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