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So There’s a House

So there's a house that caught my interest last year. It's a few hundred square feet bigger than the house I live in now, the lot size is about the same, and the location is both slightly better and slightly worse. For the vast majority of the people, it's a worse location. For me, it's better.

The unfortunate thing: the house is priced as if instead of solid wood floors, it had solid gold floors. It's a newly built home and it's been on the market for about 18 months already. It's currently listed at 2x the price we could get for our current house.

If I could trade houses, I would - and I'd consider it a fair deal for all involved. But for now (and likely forever) it will simply have to remain a curiosity. I may even go to an Open House some Sunday to have a look around. Maybe they'll pass out samples of whatever the realtor is smoking. 🙂

One Response to "So There’s a House"

  1. No link to MLS info and pictures?

    You should at-least take your camera with you when you go to the openhouse 🙂