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Got Your Taxes Done?

Got your taxes done? It astounds me the number of people who put off their taxes, file extensions, and so on. Sure, the accountants are busy, but most people's tax returns aren't that complex.

Thankfully this year we're getting a small refund - a direct result of receiving a check on December 29, 2006 rather than after the new year. We paid in a year ago, and now we're getting it back. 😛 Not too bad for a guy who's mostly 1099.

We'll use the refund to pay for a play area/swingset. The "economic stimulus" package we'll dump into a savings account. Sorry, Georgie.

4 Responses to "Got Your Taxes Done?"

  1. I filed on Monday (I had most of it done a couple weeks ago, but I was waiting to hear back from one client I had last year -- he never mailed a 1099). I'm getting a decent refund, attributed mostly to being stupid and not ever checking the "Married" box on the W-2 at my previous employer. The additional withholding gave us a refund last year, and because of when I realized that's what happened, I had already had quite a bit withheld.

    Oh well, I don't mind getting money back 🙂

  2. I file as soon as I get all of the W-2's, which usually means I usually get the tax refund by mid-February.

    It was a decent refund, but the rebate coming in the next couple of months should be more then my refund, which makes me happy.

  3. I filed last week. I owed a few thousand... I suppose I should file a new W-4 to withhold more, now that I get a big chunk of extra income from a trust.

    At least I was able to file on time this year. Stupid trust usually doesn't send my Schedule K-1 in time. (I got to file in September last year.)

  4. I filed on Feb 11th. Got my refund by the end of the month. Between a second child, a new house and stupidly withholding as "Married with Single", my wife and I got enough back for a small car! Needless to say we changed our withholding amounts the day after we completed our returns. Paid off most of our revolving debt. I also am not using my stimulus check to buy anything new. It's going to pay off the last of our credit cards. Oh, it will feel so good to have those cards cleared off! Going to cut a couple of them up too.