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Yet Another Home Purchase – Pressure Washer

Yet another thing to buy for the home: a gas-powered pressure washer. I went with a 3000 PSI model from Toro (at Lowe's). Four nozzles, three different cleaning solutions, separate gas/oil compartments (I don't like mixing gas and oil - the leaf blower requires that), and a fair amount of noise.

At least it's fun to use, and according to the wife, the house looks like it was painted. Next: the deck (and then re-sealing) and then the garage floor and driveway.

2 Responses to "Yet Another Home Purchase – Pressure Washer"

  1. Now all you need is an air-compressor and you can have SnowAtHome. Though, considering you're in Erie, you're probably tired of it by now. 🙂

  2. [...] got the pressure washer out today with the intent to clean the deck. I've seen treated lumber, and it looks kind of [...]