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Rivet Sales, 1.1, and a User Review

RivetJared Kuolt has published a good, in-depth review of Rivet. The conclusion is the best part in my opinion <grin>:

It's not often that I spend money on software, but products like Rivet that show an unrivaled level of polish make the decision easy. I want it to work without hassle, and Rivet delivers just that.

Rivet sales are going strong. We've already surpassed our goals for the first month, and it's not yet been a week. I didn't know so many Mac users had XBox 360s! Later this week we hope to introduce version 1.1, at least as a "Cutting Edge" edition. It will automatically sort your iTunes podcasts into "shows." It'll do the same with TV shows, separating them into seasons when possible, as well.

So, to PS3 users out there, I guess you may have to wait for version 1.2… We just had to put these features in.

P.S. Big big props go to Fernando Lins for the icon design. I love the "rivet/power" button combo.

P.P.S. Just noticed Rivet got a mention at TUAW too.

One Response to "Rivet Sales, 1.1, and a User Review"

  1. Congrats!

    I currently use TwonkyVision for this, but will check out rivet. Twonky is a bit of a hassle. (though it's nice to have a web interface)