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Charging at Presque Isle

Is there a law that prevents the city of Erie from charging people to enter Presque Isle State Park?

I think Erie - if allowed - should put a booth up at the entrance. Charge $1 per car. Let anyone who walks, skates, or rides (on a bicycle) in for free. Sell season passes for $20. I'd buy a season pass - we're there more than 20 times per year. I'm planning to take my Grandma there later this week when she's here.

That alone might add millions of dollars to the city's income. Why won't Erie do it, or can't they?

3 Responses to "Charging at Presque Isle"

  1. How about just charge for parking, and offer annual parking passes?

  2. [quote comment="47399"]How about just charge for parking, and offer annual parking passes?[/quote]

    They can't really do that. There are 20 or 30 or more parking lots in Presque Isle, and none hold more than about 30-40 cars.

  3. I know here in NY, there is a charge to enter state parks. I regularly go to Lake Erie State Park, Evangola State Park, and Allegany State Park, and it is $7 a car before the beach opens, and $8 a car during summer while the beach is open.