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Grandma on DVRs

My grandma is visiting, and after we were done watching one of her soaps today, I used the remote to play her second soap ((The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful.)). When she was done with that show, she asked me how to rewind it so she could tape her shows tomorrow, too. 🙂

Then, later in the day, after showing her the pause, play, skip, and replay buttons, she's zipping around like an old pro. She's skipping commercials in batches, replaying eight seconds back in case she skips too far, pausing to go get her coffee, the works. Smart cookie, that one.

4 Responses to "Grandma on DVRs"

  1. It runs in the family, I see 😉

  2. I have found that our grandparents' generation is better at learning new technology than our parents' generation.

    Why? I think it's because our grandparents had to learn lots of new technologies (radio, tv, dishwashers, etc.) whereas our parents already had all of those when they were young, and didn't really have to learn anything new until VCRs appeared. (And our parents' generation + VCR = EPIC FAIL, hence the stupid "blinking 12:00" jokes.)

  3. I smiled ear to ear when I read this post. Although none of our grandparents are still around, I would agree with Tim's observation. My/our parents are in a generation where they kinda' grew up with technology and are either fascinated with it or they hate it. Grandparents seem to be more willing to accept it (possibly because it is so far outside their paradigm and they enjoy what they can do with it without thinking about it - my dad constantly over-thinks every gadget and drives me nuts when I try to explain them to him) and just learn to use it. Great post.

  4. Definitely,
    My 82-year-old grandfather was hesitant to use the TiVo when we first got one a few years ago. Same thing with the digital cable too when we first got it.
    He's now better at working either of them than my mother is, lol. In fact, he uses the digital cable so much that I had t get a 2nd one to use from work (Slingbox FTW!). It's a bit stereotypical, but he really loves the westerns channel.

    Sounds like you just picked out her next christmas/birthday gift 🙂

    Hope she doesn't read your blog.