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Kitchen Cabinets… in the Playroom

For mother's day this year, I bought Carey some cabinets (kitchen cabinets), a laminate countertop, and all the assorted goodies that are needed to install it (some wood, screws, a pry bar for the baseboard, a knife to cut the carpet, and so on. We also picked up some paint.

The plan: convert one wall of the downstairs playroom into a craft table. We'll put one 18" three-drawer cabinet on each end. In the middle, we'll have a 30" cabinet (one drawer, two doors). That will create two desk areas for scrapbooking.

We're currently trying to decide between cutting the carpet to put the cabinets right on the subfloor or setting them on (preferably "into") the carpet. I think we'll go with the former.

I'll try to post some before/after pictures later, but since we've already moved stuff either out of the room or into the center, any before image is bound to look pretty silly.

2 Responses to "Kitchen Cabinets… in the Playroom"

  1. To determine the best way of doing a home improvement project, I always try to think of the undoing. Will I be thinking "What the hell was I thinking?" when I go to undo or modify the change being made.

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