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Wrong Numbers

It strikes me as funny the number of people who, upon reaching me at a wrong number, react "poorly." Most of the "poor" reactions are a simple "click" as they hang up. How about saying "Oh, sorry. Goodbye." Some will ask if this is 555-1234 (which is fine), and then argue with me that it must not be because they're certain they dialed correctly (that part's not fine). I'm not rude to these people - I simply say "I think you've got the wrong number." I let them ask a question or say goodbye, answer it, and conclude with a "goodbye" on my end.

When I call a wrong number, and am told so, I say "I'm sorry, I was trying to reach Sears" if it's a business (this happened the other day - has an outdated phone number). The person gave me the new number. If it's a person I'm trying to reach ((I can't remember the last time I mis-dialed a friend's number.)), I'll simply say "I'm sorry, have a good day."

It's particularly aggravating when wrong-number-dialers are rude at 2am. Note the time of this post. 😛

2 Responses to "Wrong Numbers"

  1. In Hong Kong and you're on the receiving end of a wrong call, the person abuses you the recipient. "M, gauchaua!" in Cantonese, means "You crazy bastard!". Nice, huh!

  2. On my mobile, which no-one else uses.

    "Where's Chris?"
    "You have the wrong number."
    "Who're you?"
    "Excuse me?"
    "Who are you?"
    "I could ask you the same."
    "I asked first."
    "You called me."