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Digital Radio Recorders

I'm not sure what they call DVRs for radio, but why is it that we're just now getting them in cars, and even then, only the high-end cars?

A lot of times lately I've heard the end of a commercial talking about a special offer, the dates of some event, a funny quote - something I wanted to hear again. I start reaching for the rewind button only to remember "D'oh! It's radio!"

We've had DVRs for something like five years now in our homes - why's it taken so long to come to car stereos? Why's it so pricy? C'mon, so you have 512 MB of memory. That'd record almost an hour of AM or FM audio, right? CD quality audio is about 10 MB/minute, so heck, 512 MB might record several hours. 512 MB of flash memory costs, oh, roughly $8 right now.