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As of Right Now, No Scorecard for iPhone

As of right now, Cynical Peak has no plans to add a mobile version of Scorecard even for the simple task of entering in round statistics while you're on the golf course.

Why? Apple still has not provided a way to sync via the one method every iPhone and iPod Touch user is guaranteed to use: via the dock/USB cable.

We could build a whole network sync deal, but iPod Touch owners without wifi wouldn't be too happy. And maybe they're only 5% of the market, but coding up a "sync over a network" is probably about 10x harder than anything that could be done over the wire.

And again, we're not even after true sync - we simply need to copy one XML file to the iP* and one XML file from the iP*. We don't need system privileges or anything of the sort - simply a file copy. We wouldn't even care if iTunes checked for XML validity before copying either file.