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My Plan for Erie Golf Course

Erie Golf Course has now sat idle, being mowed once a week or so by one city employee to keep it a grassy area, for about a year.

If I were Millcreek and I were given Erie Golf Course, I would turn the course into a nine hole course, build a range, a short-game area, and perhaps even a par three course.

I'd keep holes 10 and 11 and make them 1 and 2. Holes 1-6 would serve as holes 3-8. The existing 18th would stay for the ninth.

This leaves the entire left-hand side of the course (as viewed from the clubhouse), which I'd use for a driving range. The middle areas (between the range and the "new course") could be turned into a series of short-game practice greens. One for putting, one for chipping, one for pitching, and one for bunker play. Some of the existing deeper holes way back in the woods (like the current seventh and eighth) could be turned into sod farms or something - they're garbage already.

2 Responses to "My Plan for Erie Golf Course"

  1. Is it for sale ?

  2. [quote comment="47948"]Is it for sale ?[/quote]

    No. It's closed, currently, while Erie and/or Millcreek figure out what to do with it.