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Summertime TV

I watch a bit less television than the average American over the fall/winter/spring months. Very little of it is reality (except Amazing Race) television - I tend to go for shows like How I Met Your Mother (comedy) or the occasional drama (House). The wife's usually asleep by 9pm anyway, so I read and watch TV. Having a DVR helps, of course: one hour of programming in 40 minutes!

But during the summer, and aside from watching the occasional golf tournament, what the heck do people watch? Seriously. There's nothing on.

One Response to "Summertime TV"

  1. I am still watching the dramatic programming saved up by TiVo during the winter. As of last weekend, I think we are finally up to having finished all of the shows from last year, but it was kind of freaky watching all of the Thanksgiving sales commercials in June.