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Cold Stone Creamery

I'm sorry, but $4 for two small scoops of ice cream and a tiny bit of "mixed-in" candy is a rip-off.


6 Responses to "Cold Stone Creamery"

  1. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. Their cakes are damn good too.

  2. For a dollar or two more, you get a whole quart with up to three mix-ins included. Definitely worth the price if you like your mix-ins!

    Coconut ice cream with white chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and banana is delicious!

  3. Yeah, color me unimpressed lately as well.

  4. I hit coldstone last night for the first time in a long while walking back to my hotel. It'll probably be a long time before they see me again. $5 for a medium size shake that wasn't that good. Shakes from the carl's jr. right around the corner from it blow them away. Pretty sad.

  5. There used to be a place like Cold Stone in Del Mar, Calif., that was awesome. Cold Stone is the assembly line version of the idea. Very bland; all the flavors taste the same. The cakes are really good, though. But the ice cream is way too expensive, especially for a family of four. Hello, DQ!

  6. Coldstone is good a few times a year when I want something a bit different (peanut butter mixed into my ice cream? awesome!). I still prefer a local place we have called G.D. Ritzys. Their ice cream is the best I've had anywhere.