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DirecTV Out Due to Rain

Right now, I'm not getting a DirecTV signal, or at least not one strong enough to show more than the occasional blip of a picture.

I'm writing this because, despite living in Florida (heavy thunderstorms) and Erie, PA (oftentimes some pretty thick cloud cover, snow, and some bigger thunderstorms), I've lost signal due to weather only three times - and one of those times I simply brushed the foot of icy, slushy snow off of the dish to return the signal. Both of the other times, the signal returned inside of an hour.

People seem to think that satellite television gets lost due to weather far more frequently than I've found to be the case. Knock on wood.

One Response to "DirecTV Out Due to Rain"

  1. When we lived in Connecticut and had Dish Network, we lost our signal on a drizzle and a strong breeze. Constantly. Could never find a good position for that dish that would hold the signal.

    Now in New Jersey with DirecTV, we've lost our signal due to weather exactly twice in the past year. And the storms were pretty bad/intense. The kind where you're surprised you still have power to begin with. Thankfully, they were also mercifully short.

    So I think it does vary location to location. Not so much about the part of the country as in the type of house and where the dish is situated versus other structures, trees, etc.