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The Fly (in Men’s Underwear)

Frankly, I'm not sure what you call it, but I'm talking about the fly, the flap, the opening, the hole, the "split," or whatever that's found on the front of men's underwear. The purpose is to allow you to pull out your junk to take a leak without having to push your underwear down, but who does this? Doesn't everyone just push the underwear - be it boxers or briefs (or boxer-briefs) down and pee "over the top" of their underwear? I do. Always have.

So I ask you:


37 Responses to "The Fly (in Men’s Underwear)"

  1. The hell you say? Why would you do that? That's what the hole is for!

  2. funnily enough, i didn't start doing this until a few years ago when i realized how much faster it was. efficiency is key. :mrgreen:

  3. The hole is complete overkill.

  4. I guess if you're the kind of freak who enjoy buttoned flies, you wouldn't mind opening two such devices.

    1. Well as you can see over one third of all men don't bother with that silly hole/fly I think the next subject should be if your lucky enough to have dodges the knife do you pull back your foreskin when you piss or not and BTW button fly's rule and only a freak would call any fellow male a freak for doing anything his was he wants makes me kinds wonder what type freak are you

  5. My flies don't have buttons, thanks. 😛 I don't even need to unbutton my pants. Just unzip, reach in, and pull it out.

  6. I either use the hole sometimes, and sometimes, I go out through the leg, but I never go over the top. It might be relevant that I wear boxers, not briefs.

    When I was in Sweden, I got some underwear without a hole. I still think they're kind of weird though.

  7. [quote comment="48075"]The hell you say? Why would you do that? That's what the hole is for![/quote]

    Nobody I've asked uses it. So much faster and easier to just push it down. I'd prefer underwear (boxers) without the hole, because at least then I wouldn't flop through when walking, golfing, etc.

  8. I'm usually use the fly, but some of my underwear doesn't have a fly. I think the big factor is that I don't want to undo my belt, so the fly aligns nicely with the zipper. Depending on the combination of pants (or more often short) and underwear, sometimes the leg hole is the easiest choice. (Especially between volleyball games when the shorts are knotted.)

  9. [quote comment="48085"]Nobody I've asked uses it. So much faster and easier to just push it down. I'd prefer underwear (boxers) without the hole, because at least then I wouldn't flop through when walking, golfing, etc.[/quote]

    It seems like more work NOT to use the fly since you have to unbuckle your belt and unbutton your pants in addition to unzipping...

  10. What about through the leg hole?

  11. I always figured this was a hold over from the "union suit" which was a single piece of underwear that covered your entire body. Those things had buttons in the front, and a panel on the back that unbuttoned (the "fireman's hatch").

    Union suits couldn't readily be pushed down when you had to use the bathroom, so you needed an alternative method to free your junk.

  12. Yeah seriously, the fly is an easy solution to pissing fast :p

  13. A zipper THAT close to the goods? Nooooo thanks!

  14. I don't use the fly. I tried a few years back, it took longer for the job to be done. Not sure if it is due to the fact that I usually wear tight jeans.

  15. You people ALL waste too freaking much time. I just pee my pants.

  16. Not many people mention what style zipper they use (i.e. button, fly or both). For me the answer totally depends on the fly.

    Zipper fly: belt remains on, top button remains in, use pee hole.

    Button fly: belt gets undone, all buttons popped open, no use pee hole.

  17. @Craig: Haha, that completely caught me off guard. 😆

    Yeah, I use the leg. The fly is generally comprised of two flaps of cloth, each going on top of the other in opposite directions. More work and more time to maneuver things.

    Boxer briefs, if it makes a difference.

  18. I use the fly on boxers. I don't use the fly on briefs or boxer briefs.

  19. I usually use the fly, it's a lot faster to take a piss, except when I wear tight jeans, sometimes the zipper from my jeans pull a few of my pube hairs.

  20. I never use the fly. I wear boxers and boxerbriefs and the leg opening is the fast and easiest for me. Many of my 😉 boxers and boxerbriefs do not have a fly. For me it is faster to pull it through the leg opening :

  21. Don't you have to undo your belt, unbutton and unzip your pants, and push your pants down to use the leg hole? Seems a lot less efficient than unzipping, and reaching in 🙂

  22. Randy, I often find that the fly opeing in underware is somewhat smaller than those of pants that it is easier for me to just use the leg opening especially if I'm wearing shorts.

  23. I'm not shocked at the fact that so many more men don't bother with the fly! you just unbuckle reach down with your thumb inside you pants and push the front down past you balls your good to go, in and out, or rather out and in, both

  24. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    This blog is hilarious!

    Granted, I am a girl. My 4 year old son just told me that there was something wrong with his underwear (boxer briefs).
    I told him that the hole was for him to go potty through. He rolled on the floor laughing. "Say it again, mommy!" That is how funny he thought it was.
    He did not believe me so I told him I would look it up on the internet.
    AND now I am the one that is entertained.

    Great visuals. LOL!

  25. I'm a female here also 😳 and I was wondering if the way my husband peed was weird so I googled it (haha, don't ask the descriptor I typed in....) and found this blog! Guess there isn't a specific way to do it. He seems to unzip, unbutton, and flop it over the top of his underwear....I guess I thought it was way revealing at the urinal to other guys, but you shouldn't be looking anyway, huh!

  26. I go over the top, always have. I live in Hawai'i, not so much belt wearing. Seems to me there is one other good explanation for the fly. It's expansion quality makes it a comfortable support. The only analogy i can think of is the tensioner for a bike chain (bit of a stretch I know).

  27. Depends if I am wearing longs or shorts. If shorts, I just pull up the leg...and pee

  28. My underwear has a zip fly. Beat that!

  29. I pull my underwear down and tuck it under my balls to take a leak.

  30. Personally, I usually either go over the top or even out the left leg hole. The fly is just to difficult to work with. It seems too tight and frankly I have trouble getting it out......

  31. when i am wearing genes with a button fly i just undo my belt and my top button and the other buttons if i haven't got a zip and put my hand down my boxers grab my dick pull it over my boxers waistband and piss when i am at the urinals i dont care if people are looking its normal we all have 1

  32. yep, quick access for gf to reach and for a quickie!

  33. I don't even wear a belt and always use the zipper. Faster and all I have to do is whip it out pee and stick it in and zip and go. If I am dressing up and tuck my shirt in why go through the work of tucking in the shirt again. Faster and easier!

  34. Often go "over the top"... quicker and easier, however, enjoy using the opening if getting a spontaneous BJ!!! Like seeing my big one poking through!

  35. I think that if you have to go in a hurry, that pulling down the top of your briefs is so much easier. You DON'T have to unbuckle you trousers. Just unzip/unbutton, pull down and let go. I tried using the fly, but couldn't even get my hand inside.

  36. The fly is and was designed to allow for expansion in the crotch area of briefs. It was never intended necessarily as an access point. Most men just pull down the waistband. Boxers are another issue altogether, but they were never really designed as underwear initially, just another layer of clothing that was in the same styler as shorts worn in the boxing ring. Most men up until recently wore jock straps under them anyway, a practice that is sadly going out of style. Boys don't learn to protect themselves like that anymore, thus the invention of compression shorts which really are all that different functionally from briefs, but apparently seeing too much leg is an issue these days.