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Netflix Dropping Profiles

I'm kinda ticked, and part of me doubts it's only 1% of the customers. Other responses are here.

4 Responses to "Netflix Dropping Profiles"

  1. I'm pretty irritated by this as well. I know probably 15 friends and family members who subscribe to Netflix, and nearly every single one I've asked uses profiles. Dropping them so they can focus on adding other features is ridiculous, when they should be spending time *fixing* this great feature.

    I am seriously considering going the Apple TV route, like bbum decided to. My only concern is that I spent a good chunk of change on a really nice plasma TV, and I don't want to be limited to 720p low-bitrate HD from the Apple TV. I had planned on getting a Blu-ray player, and continuing to use Netflix, but now I am not so sure...

  2. Count me also quite irritated. This was a fantastic feature for my wife and I. I doubt this will break my relationship with Netflix, but perhaps come September when it is turned off it will.

  3. Yeah I too was very disappointed to see this decision. We don't have NetFlix just now, but when we did we made extensive use of profiles (for our 3-at-a-time plan we used 3 queues: his, hers, and TV Shows). Everybody I know who has NetFlix uses queues, so I don't really believe that 1-2% number.

    Profiles are the single greatest feature of NetFlix, and it is a shame that: 1- they kludged it the first time, and 2- they are ridding of them.

  4. [...] people have spoken, and today I received an email stating that Profiles would stay in Netflix! Hip hip hooray! Dear [...]