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Scorecard 1.4 Coming in Early July

Scorecard IconScorecard is getting updated to version 1.4 in the next few weeks. New stats include some putting stats, a few small bug fixes, and some more putting stats. We're also adding penalties and "total distance of putts made" to the "Best vs. Worst" table.

We're also re-considering our stance on iPhone development: we may just say "if you don't have WiFi, sorry, but you're out of luck" and develop the app. We're also planning to charge (a little) for the iPhone app, even if it'll just keep your stats and sync to your computer. After the Rivet and Scorecard updates, that'll be the focus of most of our development efforts in July.

Cyndicate updates? We have a few in mind, and they'll get time when we want a break from the above. 🙂

One Response to "Scorecard 1.4 Coming in Early July"

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