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Scorecard for the iPhone – Now a Maybe

No, Apple has not suddenly added the "over the wire" synching, but I believe we may once again be exploring the possibility of doing Scorecard for the iPhone. If we do it, it'll likely be over WiFi, and I'm still not certain how many users that will cut out, but I suppose they can always use the "current" way of entering scores.

The UI design is fairly simple, and most likely since we'll be adding networking capabilities to the app itself, this will be version 1.5. We still plan to get 1.4 out the door with some new stats next week, so 1.5 may take a month or two. We shall see - more details forthcoming.

2 Responses to "Scorecard for the iPhone – Now a Maybe"

  1. Every fairly new Mac has an AirPort card installed, right?

    For those without a WiFi network running in their home, couldn't you ask people to just enable AirPort and sync that way?

    You might be able to do something with ethernet-to-wireless internet sharing, but I'm thinking you could get away with just enabling AirPort.

    I don't do any programming, so no idea if this is even feasible, but still...

  2. [quote comment="48200"]Every fairly new Mac has an AirPort card installed, right?[/quote]

    Scorecard is available for Windows as well, Mike. It's mostly those people who I think might not have WiFi in greater numbers.