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Lost Luggage

On June 29, I departed Erie International Airport to fly to San Diego. I arrived in San Diego at 9pm local time.

The sole purpose of my trip was to meet with a golf equipment company and then to play golf.

I checked a total of one bag - a golf travel bag with my clubs inside - in Erie. I got it at 11pm… the day after I arrived. No golf for me.

I returned at 8:30 from San Diego, arriving in Erie at 6pm today. My golf clubs didn't arrive until just now: 11:45pm. They were lost again.

Now call me crazy, but for $0.41 or whatever it costs, the USPS can deliver something across the country without losing more than about 0.001% of the mail1. Admittedly, it takes them three days, but it costs less than two quarters. The USPS has machines that can read human handwriting and route letters accordingly - the airlines put a frickin' bar code on everything, yet still can't get things where they're going, despite obviously knowing that a plane is definitely going to that particular location (since you're sitting on it).

My luggage was literally with Northwest for longer than the entire duration of my trip. 😛 What will I get out of it? Nada. It wasn't clothing, and I wasn't forced to purchase an entirely new set of golf clubs, so I get bupkis. Nil. Nada.

And the airlines wonder why they're failing. This is part of it, folks.

  1. But, I could also point out, with far more accuracy: they deliver to individual addresses, not just "Baggage Claim 4." []

One Response to "Lost Luggage"

  1. My guess? Some Northwest employee decided to play a round with your clubs coming and going. 🙂

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