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Lost Luggage

On June 29, I departed Erie International Airport to fly to San Diego. I arrived in San Diego at 9pm local time.

The sole purpose of my trip was to meet with a golf equipment company and then to play golf.

I checked a total of one bag - a golf travel bag with my clubs inside - in Erie. I got it at 11pm… the day after I arrived. No golf for me.

I returned at 8:30 from San Diego, arriving in Erie at 6pm today. My golf clubs didn't arrive until just now: 11:45pm. They were lost again.

Now call me crazy, but for $0.41 or whatever it costs, the USPS can deliver something across the country without losing more than about 0.001% of the mail ((But, I could also point out, with far more accuracy: they deliver to individual addresses, not just "Baggage Claim 4.")). Admittedly, it takes them three days, but it costs less than two quarters. The USPS has machines that can read human handwriting and route letters accordingly - the airlines put a frickin' bar code on everything, yet still can't get things where they're going, despite obviously knowing that a plane is definitely going to that particular location (since you're sitting on it).

My luggage was literally with Northwest for longer than the entire duration of my trip. 😛 What will I get out of it? Nada. It wasn't clothing, and I wasn't forced to purchase an entirely new set of golf clubs, so I get bupkis. Nil. Nada.

And the airlines wonder why they're failing. This is part of it, folks.

One Response to "Lost Luggage"

  1. My guess? Some Northwest employee decided to play a round with your clubs coming and going. 🙂