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The American Thing to Do (for the Environment)

I'd have made this a poll, but I don't know what all of the options are, so I'll simply put the question here and let you post in the comments:

What things have you done to lessen your negative impact on the environment?

Switched to CFLs? Bought a hybrid? Drive less? Turn off lights and other appliances when not in use? Recycle more (or begin recycling)?

Share your answers below in the comments.

4 Responses to "The American Thing to Do (for the Environment)"

  1. - Take the bus to work 4 or 5 times a week. Bus as many places as possible (this is easier in that I live in a city). ($)

    - Recycle & compost.

    - Don't use air conditioning and open the windows instead. Get some fans to circulate the air if necessary. ($)

    - Turned off all computers I'm not using at work (5 of 8 machines). This also helps the heat factor for the office, thus somewhat (I hope) contributing to the air conditioning being on a bit less at work. ($)

    - Turned the refrigerator & freezer to a more energy conservant setting. ($)

    - Do bigger loads of laundry; (and the corollary) do laundry less often. ($)

    - Reuse cups/glasses. If you're just drinking water from it, it's probably okay to use the rest of the day. This makes me use the dishwasher less often. ($)

    - Hand wash some dishes. ($)

    - Unplug power adapters when not in use (i.e. cell phone charger, laptop chargers) ($)

    - Take reusable cloth bags to the grocery store.

    What's interesting is that all of the items marked with ($) actually save ME money as well as are good for the environment.

  2. I moved across the country to a city with an amazingly reliable public transit system. 😀

    Also, a combination of the solutions mentioned above.

  3. I participate in my Electric Companies Alternative Energy program @ 100$ (i.e. for my usage, 100% wind, solar, landfill gas turbine generates energy). This costs next to nothing and has enormous benefits, I personally believe solar and wind are our future. I don't feel bad using tons of electricity because frankly the more I use at 100% alternative energy, the more demand they have to do it. My home energy carbon footprint is 0.

    I've been using CFLs for years.

    Try to buy local goods and foods.

    I drive my motorcycle whenever I can (60+ MPG), and the ol pedal bike (30 miles on a hamburger, where else can you get mileage like that.)

  4. - recycle stuff (paper, plastics, glass, etc.)
    - sold my car since I live close enough to shopping and I can walk to work
    - use my bike more often