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Scorecard 1.4 Released

Scorecard IconAs promised, Scorecard 1.4 is now available for download, demo, and update from the Cynical Peak website. This version is a fairly significant update in terms of new features and statistics and nagging bugs:

  • Added a "Putt Accuracy by Distance" table to the statistics.
  • Added a "Total Distance of Putts Made" statistic to the Putting stats and the "Best vs. Worst" stats.
  • Added tooltips for the statistics that can show you, at a glance, both the percentage and actual values.
  • Added Penalties to the "Best vs. Worst" table.
  • Updated the export CSS and HTML.
  • Line breaks are now preserved in notes when exporting the round to HTML.
  • Expanded shortcut support (Windows).
  • Expanded alias support (Mac OS X).
  • Better arranged statistics in the "Best vs. Worst" table.
  • Fixed a issue with applying ESC.
  • Fixed setting active/inactive rounds from the listing in the main window (Windows).
  • Fixed the display of the best vs worst table when no rounds are being calculated (Mac OS X).
  • Adjusted the statistics window to show a single window only (Windows).
  • Fixed some resizing issues in the statistics tables (Windows).
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error when right clicking column headers (Windows).
  • Fixed an issue which could cause an error when checking for updates (Windows).
  • Fixed the round listing in the statistics window to show headers even when the list is empty (Windows).
  • Added context menu with printing options in the statistics listing (Windows).

Of course, the update is free to all licensed users.