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.Mac is Now MobileMe

And the service is currently down.

But I've got the software update, which didn't require a restart thankfully, and my System Prefs show the new icon and wording.

Ho hum.

Oh, and still works, but does not. Maybe later?

3 Responses to ".Mac is Now MobileMe"

  1. Bummer, I still see .Mac in my System Preferences. Did you get that through the iTunes update?

    Not that it matters, I don't use .Mac, but I like new things. :mrgreen:

  2. [quote comment="48341"]Did you get that through the iTunes update?[/quote]

    No. Got it at the same time as the iTunes update, but it was listed as a separate software update. Like iTunes, it didn't require a restart. I installed both separately.

  3. That's strange. I wonder why they wouldn't push the update out to everyone else, too.