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Safari 4 Beta Slowdowns

I have to quit Safari 4 preview at least once a day, and often several times, because occasionally the app will just bog down, even with only a few tabs open in one window.

Commands - clicks, hitting "cmd-T" or "cmd-N," etc. - take a second or two, and even things like scrolling and switching between tabs become very, very slow. Even dumb stuff like selecting text becomes slooooow.

I like the JavaScript speed version 4 offers, but I wish a new beta would come out soon that addresses the overall speed issue(s).

P.S. Plus, though Inquisitor works, I can no longer use option-return to search Google Images. I'll have to think of another shortcut.

One Response to "Safari 4 Beta Slowdowns"

  1. Have you tried the WebKit nightly builds? You'll get the JavaScript and web rendering improvements but will be left with Safari 3's feature set (that aren't WebKit based). The downside is that there are bugs every so often (eg. right now you can't post comments on Flickr but it's pretty stable all things considered).