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Three Surprisingly Good Movies

Carey was away on a short vacation recently to Ohio, and I stayed up late one evening to watch three movies I rented from Blockbuster (hey, I had a coupon). They were The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), Vantage Point (2007), and Definitely, Maybe (2008).

All were surprisingly good. Rotten Tomatoes gives them 41%, 36%, and bizarrely 73% currently. I'd probably rank them in a similar order but with much higher ratings. None are destined to become a favorite of mine (though D, M may have three of the best lookin' gals in a single movie), and perhaps the ratings I've given them are tainted by low expectations, but if you can nab one cheap (to rent, or on Netflix or something), and they're up your alley, give 'em a try.