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Albert the Fish

For about a year now, we've had a small albino catfish in our fish tank, and for a year now he's acted as if he's been near death. He'll lie upside down on the bottom of the tank for hours. Or he'll lie pointing straight down. Or on his side. At times he'll go crazy and spin around, dash to the top of the tank, to the bottom, and spin around ten more times.

Carey left the light on in the tank all day a week ago and he was acting even more bizarrely. He had a small cut on his side, too. She thought he was really on his way out this time, but now, after spending a few days with less of the overhead light on, he seems to be back to normal.

Strange, strange fish.

One Response to "Albert the Fish"

  1. I used to have a goldfish that acted similarly. It turns out that he was gulping down too much air with his food. The solution (learned from the Internet, although I couldn't cite it now) was to give him a tiny chunk of a pea. Just grab a single pea (previously frozen but defrosted is fine), take off the skin, and cut the inside bit into fish-bite-sized chunks. Works like a charm.