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Greg Norman, 53

Greg Norman, at the age of 53, nearly won the British Open. I kept a live blog for The Sand Trap, but wow. Is this what a Tiger-less world looks like? 53-year-olds nearly winning major championships?

One Response to "Greg Norman, 53"

  1. I think it says less about Tiger-less fields and more about the proper frame of mind for playing the British Open. In years where the wind doesn't blow and the courses are defenseless, it's a birdie-fest. But in years where the wind is up, it's less about how you're playing coming in and more about taking what the course (and your swing) give you. Neither Norman (on his honeymoon) or Harrington (injured to the point of possibly pulling despite being the defending champ) had any expectations of winning. That kept them both in contention until the end, when they both played aggressively in an attempt to win – which worked out for Paddy, not for the Shark. I think the lesson is to have low expectations when the conditions are beyond your control; easier to muddle through and shoot 75 that way than if you go out thinking you need to shoot a 68...

    Man, it would have been cool if Norman had won.