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Windows XP/Parallels/Disk Size Question

My copy of Windows XP runs on an 8 GB disk. At one point, I'd increased the size of the disk to 10 GB, but I've just now discovered that the 2 GB are unavailable and are in another partition.

I'd like to add this space on to the main (C) disk, and this article seemed promising until I got to "From the drop-down list choose a letter to be assigned for the drive, and click Next." I don't want to make an "E" drive. I just want to make Windows XP recognize that my C drive is larger.

In other words, is it possible to re-partition (to add the new 2 GB to my "C:" drive) in Windows XP? Or even to just create a new (larger) disk using some Parallels tool and copy my (existing smaller) disk to it?

5 Responses to "Windows XP/Parallels/Disk Size Question"

  1. For a physical disk, I'd suggest giving Partition Magic a try. Apparently, this one's free and does the same thing:

    The problem is that this software might not work properly on virtual hardware, so make a backup first.

  2. [quote comment="48561"][/quote]

    Perfect!!! Thanks!!

  3. Looks like you're probably all set, but I use the GParted LiveCD when I need to resize partitions. I have the combo disc that also includes CloneZilla for Ghost-like functionality.

  4. another w00t for GParted LiveCD

    I've used it in the same manner, as Chris stated, worked like a champ!