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Crocs cost $30? I just picked up two pair - fortunately with a good coupon at Dick's - and was amazed that they normally sell for $29.99. I've heard only good things though, so we'll see. Black XL and a small pair of blue ones, kid's choice. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 Responses to "Crocs"

  1. My wife use to wear them, then determined that the breakdown of support they provide was causing her hip to slip out of joint. So, she doesn't wear them anymore.

  2. Our family of 3 has been wearing them for 2 years. Wife and kid have each worn out a pair.

    Comfortable, great when you want to just slip something on, and now popular enough that you don't get funny looks anymore.

  3. I go with the Airwalk knockoffs. They run 20 bucks a pair usually and are just as comfortable and useful. I wear them a lot and get 18 months or more out of a pair usually.

  4. I played in a charity golf outing last weekend. One guy in our foursome forgot to bring his golf shoes, so he figured he'd buy a new pair at the course. Turns out the course didn't sell shoes, so he had to play in what he had on: Crocs. Not the new golf version, but regular, semi-worn-out Crocs. Other than the funny sounds they made on the dew, they worked great for him รขโ‚ฌโ€œ I think he hit the ball better than usual because he had to focus on keeping his balance and not overswinging. If he would have been walking on a wet day, he might have had trouble. But for a riding scramble, he gave 'em a thumbs-up.