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Achieving Flickr Success

My quick thoughts on Thomas Hawk's list:

1. Take great pictures. Duh. Though for awhile, this could have read "Take HDR pictures."
2. The order that you post matters. Good point.
3. Consider places outside of Flickr. Okay, but that's more about achieving overall success, isn't it? Success begets success though.
4. Configure Flickr settings for maximum exposure. Good point.
5. Explore. Uhm, okay.
6. Groups. Sure. Makes sense.
7. Tag for exploration. I hate tags. I think, however, I'm the only person in the world who doesn't really use them much. I don't use them here on my blog anyway.
8. Geotag. Bah, currently too much effort.
9. Create best-of sets. I would probably need more than about four pictures on Flickr before I did that, but yeah, good thinking. If I've posted it to Flickr, currently, I already consider it a "best of." Actually, it's a "best of AND I remembered to post something to Flickr for the first time in a year and a half."
10. Tell everyone you know about your Flirckrstream. OK. Mine's here.

2 Responses to "Achieving Flickr Success"

  1. Geottaging is not that difficult - but does require extra processing.

  2. That Hawk's advice is useful is largely a testament to the simplicity of what he says. Still, on principle, I'd argue against using information from know-nothing blogtards like Hawk, who, like clockwork, every six months, hits boingboing up for free publicity for the art he pursues in a part-time half-assed manner to assuage the guilt he suffers ftom being the lackey of venture capitalists.