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The Wire

Any other fans of The Wire out there? I kind of "got through" the first season, and wasn't even sure I'd like it, but now I've gone through the second and have started in on the third and it's grown on me.

5 Responses to "The Wire"

  1. I'm a rabid fan of The Wire. The last three seasons are an absolute roller coaster. I was very impressed by the quality of witing and the great character development.

  2. yeah, i loved it. I watched it first without my girlfriend, and then she started to get into it, so i watched it over again with her (all seasons).

    And it's definitely worth watching it twice because you get so much more out of it.

  3. good thing you're so dedicated. 😛

  4. I just finished the first season a few weeks ago, and started into the second one last weekend. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, and was pretty much glued to the first season from beginning to end.

  5. Season 3 was my favorite by far. Looking forward to my season 5 DVDs to arrive next week.