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iPhone App Updating

I hate, hate, hate that when you update an app on the iPhone, the location (on the screen and within the "pages") isn't preserved.

I'm ten times as annoyed by that as the fact that I can't separate items. What If I want two rows, a blank row, and then a fourth row at the bottom? Impossible.

4 Responses to "iPhone App Updating"

  1. Remember when the iTunes Store came to the iPhone (pre-2.0 days), and it appeared at the bottom right corner of the screen? There's no particular reason to keep us from doing more flexible icon layouts.

    Jailbreak idea: put in dummy (transparent, non-tappable) apps to "pad" the screens, much like inserting spacers to the Dock for organization.

  2. I absolutely agree....

    though i'm not sure i would include quite so many "hates"

  3. [quote comment="48877"]though i'm not sure i would include quite so many "hates"[/quote]

    And I don't even have that many apps to re-arrange (and only two "pages"). I can't imagine how people with like six or eight pages feel. 😀

  4. If I wanted something close to a blank divider row, I would use WebApp iPhone bookmarks. Write a BLACK html page, link to it via iPhone, and save it to the 'desktop' (SpringBoard?). So now you have these little black icons (with the built in shine) as a divider line.

    I prefer separating by page- of course a backup, which sync likes to do, will rearrange things.

    Actually with apps, I am going back to remove most of the links I saved to the iPhone Home page desktopspringboard whatever, as regular links within Mobile Safari, as I had a few pages of those BEFORE the app store.