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Got a Coin from Poland

I just recently purchased a coin from Poland: a 1995 2 Zlote coin. It's a two-tone deal and it'll make a pretty nifty ball maker (when playing golf).

The coin came from Uruguay and took almost three weeks to arrive, but I'm happy to have it. 1995 was my best competitive year, and given that I'm half Polish and like two-tone coins, so it's three for three!

3 Responses to "Got a Coin from Poland"

  1. What? no picture of the coin? Wait. No macro lens?!?!

  2. [quote comment="48893"]What? no picture of the coin? Wait. No macro lens?!?![/quote]

    I have extension tubes that work well for it, but eh, I was just lazy about it.

  3. A picture of the 1995 two Zloty coin is available online at: