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iPhone Pic: Nice Parking Job

I was quite pleased to get the first slot next to the exit at the Cincinnati Zoo. Unfortunately, when we came out, we found another car parked next to us in what is clearly not a parking space. We had almost no room to even get into the car let alone to load our stroller into the back seat, and it took several moves forward and in reverse until we had a good enough angle to even leave our parking space.

Parking Jerk


4 Responses to "iPhone Pic: Nice Parking Job"

  1. Jerks. Had that problem myself at a local mall last night with a giant Excursion that parked next to us. Had to literally climb in through the back of our new RAV4, over the kids car seats and slip into the driver's seat. Then I had to shimmy out of the spot like you did, Austin Power's style and go pick up my wife and kids at the end of the aisle. Ridiculous.

    iPhone takes decent pictures...

  2. You should leave a notice next time.

  3. In situations like this it should be accepted and expected practice to damage their vehicle in some manner.

  4. We were tempted to leave a note, but didn't have a pen and paper immediately handy, so pffft, whatever. Karma will get those people somehow, somewhere, some day.