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Buying a Domain that’s About to Expire

Anyone have a tip on buying a domain that is about to expire? Like, say, September 12th?

I know the original owner has a period of time in which they can renew, even after September 12, but I have reason to suspect they won't be doing so, and I'd like to be first in line to buy it when it's available.

I could have sworn I used my preferred registrar Dotster to buy a few years ago in this sort of way, but they don't seem to offer that tool anymore.

P.S. Yes, I'm reading this article. 🙂

One Response to "Buying a Domain that’s About to Expire"

  1. I was contacted very suspiciously by a company a few weeks before a domain I was interested was expiring.
    And I had a lot of the same fears as the author of that article so I ended up deciding to go for it myself and I would again learn it the hard way.
    My domain was snatched up before I could even blink.
    Also, I managed to find another blogger who had used the company who contacted me, while I couldn't get a price out of him for their services, he said that they did get his domain for him.

    After that, I waited a few months and tried to get in contact with the new owner and he clearly wanted to get a "good" price out of it. But I managed to convince him to a 1/5 which supposedly was the lowest the domain auction place allowed.

    After that, I tried looking into how you could monitor all these domains and found a few lists which surprised me with the massive amount of domains going around the world every single day!