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Aperture Sharing with iLife

A few days ago I noticed that Rivet wasn't sharing all of the images in my Aperture library, or even displaying all of the albums with images. I spent a few hours not thinking about the problem, then poked and peeked and looked inside my Aperture Library bundle at the ApertureData.xml file. It was 192 KB.

Then something came up. I put this thought on the back burner for a few days. I rebuilt my Aperture library (command+option at startup). No dice - still 192 KB and still only showing about 50 of the 8600+ images. I checked out the file and only a few images were listed. Mildly tumped and pressed with other things, I put finding a solution off for a few days.Yesterday I had the idea to try Keynote's media browser. It showed the same 50 or so images that Rivet displayed. I sent an email to someone at Apple along with this screenshot:

Aperture Prefs

As often happens, as soon as I hit "send now," a thought occurred to me. Duh, the checkbox says "Share previews with iLife and iWork." I'd disabled previews a long time ago as a means of keeping my library file as small as possible. I immediately went into Aperture, selected the two albums that provided images to Rivet and Keynote, and deleted the previews. The ApertureData.xml file shrunk to 70 KB. I confirmed that my images no longer appeared in Keynote's media browser. Problem solved.

I'm not sure how those two albums got previews, as I'd disabled them long ago. With a new, larger hard drive, and given the added functionality offered by Rivet (and, to a smaller extent, the media browsers in i* apps), I've re-enabled them. They may add 3 GB to my Aperture Library, but it's worth it. Word to the wise, though: don't try to use your computer for other things while Aperture is rebuilding 8600+ previews, mmmmmkay?

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