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BBEdit 9

BBEdit is one of my "buy it immediately so long as the upgrade price doesn't shock me" type of products. It's only after I pay that I get around to looking at the list of features.Which reminds me: where's TextMate 2.0? I mention it only because every time I post something about BBEdit, some TextMate user tells me I should switch. The short answer is this: my brain is wired the BBEdit way, not the TextMate way. It has some nifty features, but in general, I can't get through the first 15 minutes of use. Perhaps if I did, I'd come to like it, but I can't, and 15 minutes is more time than I generally spend in any given file or even using BBEdit at all in a prolonged period of time. I've never found a five-minute project that I was content to spend 45 minutes doing, including the 40 minutes of learning.