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Red 3K Scarlet

I'll take one, please. The 120 FPS mode will be great for shooting golf swings. Much better than my 320 x 240, 60 FPS Canon SD550 (which, for a still camera, has done a great job).

Wonder what the cost will be.

Thanks, John.

3 Responses to "Red 3K Scarlet"

  1. this looks exciting, but i'll get excited when there are some concrete details. right now it's the D90's HD video i'm excited about. 🙂

    (i, too, have been using the SD550/700/850 for my video needs...)

  2. (er... the d90 not so much for fast FPS, but just for using the SLR lens for video. just to be clear. i think 24fps is all it does, though i bet the next generation in a year or two does 60 or 120.)

  3. Rumor has it, they're aiming for around $3,000 - $4,000. Which would make it considerably cheaper than the HD cam I currently own...