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Charlie Wilson’s War

I wasn't aware of the fact that Charlie Wilson's War was an Aaron Sorkin deal until earlier today, and I've just finished watching it. Good stuff, though I don't think it did very well at the box office…

What's Sorkin working on next? I saw that he was on Facebook (and in the news for it) because he's doing some sort of movie about the founder(s) of social networking? Pretty curious, given his many digs at "people on the Internet."

What else is he doing?

One Response to "Charlie Wilson’s War"

  1. The reason it failed at the box office is the same reason that all the garbage from Hollywood has failed; it's garbage.

    The movie is nothing more than a "blame America first" vehicle. The movie shows in the most glowing light possible the Democrats actions, then blames America for it's actions by claiming that aiding the Afghans was wrong.

    Once again the liberal left that controls Hollywood is telling us that the Middle East turmol is America's fault, and the Soviets were not bad people. Both are bulllsh*t.

    That's why it failed. No one wants to watch lies that support our enemies, and demeans us in the process. The only people who liked this movie, are those who hate America. That's a very small group, even today.